English Exit Exam

In order to assess the English Program from which you are about to graduate, you are required to complete an English Exit Examination before you are officially allowed to graduate. For this step, you will choose ten works on which you are willing to be examined. Choose one work from each survey class, one work from Shakespeare, one work from a seminar/special topic course, and then three extra works of your own choice from any period or from any other literature class. Include at least one work from each of the four major genres: poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction. (In other words, there must be at least one poem, one play, one work of fiction, and one work of nonfiction on the list.)

In addition, you will be asked to apply one critical approach learned in Literary Criticism class to one work you list below; both method and work will be your choices, made at the time of the exit exam. English Education majors will also be asked to pick a work and describe how they might approach teaching it to a high school or middle school class.

Complete and submit the form below to the the coordinator of the English Exit Exams, Dr. Nicholas Wallerstein, for approval at least three weeks before you are set to graduate. NOTE: Please be aware that the exit exam is for English program assessment purposes only. You will not pass or fail the exam. While it is true that you must participate in the exam in order to graduate, there is no way to fail it. Nonetheless, you should try to do your best so that we can accurately assess the English curriculum. 

Need a checklist? Download this checklist to help you make your decisions. Here is a sample checklist already completed